Dubai Terms Conditions

At present there is no Foreign Commonwealth Office warning in place re travelling to Dubai however,

If you are worried about The Coronavirus You can keep up to date on the following websites






We sometimes don’t realise how important it is to have travel insurance cover from the moment you book your holiday; NAPTG strongly advise to get it as soon as you can after booking, then you’ll be protected if anything happens until your departure date.

Every member of your party should take out adequate travel Insurance.

Ensure your travel insurance covers you for all eventualities (including but not limited to) Natural disaster, National Emergency, Pandemic, Bankruptcy of any hotel, Venue, Airline Strikes, acts of terrorism, War, any of the previous but not limited to resulting in either this event not taking place, or your ability to travel to the event and especially Covid protection.

All our holidays are ATOL Protected for your peace of mind!

If the government announces that we are not allowed to travel, everyone will receive a refund or a voucher to travel at a later date or another destination.
If you develop Covid and test positive before departure then contact your insurance company for further details.

'Need A Place To Go' (NAPTG) cannot be held responsible for any loss or claims, due to but not limited to any of the above, resulting in this event not taking place.

You should also make sure you are covered for any losses, Accident, Illness or injury. Insurance should also cover you for any cancellations to your booking under any circumstances. No Refunds will be issued by NAPTG and all claims must be made through your Travel Insurance.

 (I) The person making the booking, and all of the people in his or her party, hereby acknowledge that I understand that I am responsible to acquire adequate holiday insurance to book our holiday via our travel agent to cover myself against such incidents and or disaster(s).

I hereby acknowledge that I understand that from 6 weeks before we fly full payment must be made (not just deposits) - All deposits are Non Refundable unless Covid-related and you should contact your insurance company.

I absolve NAPTG or their representatives and any others connected with this event, from any damage, loss or claim arising from my booking on to this event and or participation in any activity whilst in Dubai.

In the circumstance that there is a sudden death of the promoter/promoters on the run up to the event, everything will be done by the remaining team to continue with the event Reggie Styles 07808 656 651.

I understand that the event under these circumstances may not run exactly to plan, and I understand and absolve NAPTG or their representatives and any others connected with this event, from any claim.
If Under these Circumstances the event is unable to take place I will Claim from my Travel Insurance and absolve NAPTG or their representatives and any others connected with this event, from any claim.



'Need A Place To Go' - 'us', 'we' or 'our' also means NAPTG

I hereby acknowledge that I understand the activity(s) I am going to undertake. As far as the law allows, NAPTG takes no responsibility for loss, damage or injury to you or any of your party as a consequence of this agreement or the occupancy following thereon.

 I agree to read through the terms and conditions below and in booking, placing a deposit, paying in full for the group holiday to DUBAI leaving AUGUST 2022, I understand I am agreeing to these terms & conditions.

I will indemnify NAPTG or their agents against loss, damage or injury sustained to the property or persons as a result of any breach of these conditions or arising from the fault of you or any member of your party.


If you miss your flight for any reason whatsoever, or have given us the wrong information and turn up at a different time to the information we have, you will be responsible to pay for your additional flight and transfer to the hotel.  NAPTG and our travel agent will not be responsible for the cost of this.


We have a number of tours within our first few days that requires a lot of walking, so we advise that comfortable clothing should be worn especially footwear.
(Flats, trainers, hiking boots should be worn for your own safety)

Your safety is our first consideration. Please help us to help you. Be responsible at all times.

NAPTG we promote responsible drinking.

If you do chose to drink alcohol, please do so in a responsible, safe, sensible and healthy way AND NOT IN A PUBLIC SPACE.

Please remember if you have an accident whilst under the influence of alcohol you may not be covered by your holiday insurance company. NAPTG will NOT be held responsible for any accidents loss or injurys.


Although the below is common sense, the following guidelines should be used in reviewing your security whilst on any holiday or Trip. NAPTG AND OUR AGENTS will NOT be held responsible for any losses. You are responsible for keeping your personal belongings safe at all times.

Security Guidelines - Place valuables like money, jewelery, airplane tickets, credit cards, passports in a hotel safe, deposit box or room safe. All accommodation is equipped with a SAFE with either a key or combination mechanism.

Secure your room; Make sure all windows and doors in your room are locked when you go out. Keep doors locked especially at night when you or friends are in the room, Even when you are in, never leave valuables in your hotel room exposed or unattended, even in a locked suitcase. Don't leave keys 'hidden' outside the room. If you don’t have enough to go round, Leave your key in reception. Whilst out and about or at any of our designated venues, keep personal and valuable Items with you at all Times. If carrying a handbag, keep it in front of you. Keep valuables out of sight and luggage close at hand. Remember! If there was a theft your holiday insurance may not pay out if these simple guidelines are NOT followed.

The itinerary is subject to change without notification but all attempts will be made to do so if any changes occur. All Information correct at time of printing – although changes may occur during the week, due to Weather Conditions, Tides, or anything else that may be beyond our control. We will always do our utmost to offer the best possible alternative, and to keep you informed should this occur. You are strongly advised to have your WhatsApp active, as this will be our best and effective way of contact to you and your party. NAPTG cannot be held responsible for situations beyond our control. 

We will eventually issue a local number that must be stored on your phone in case of an emergency.

You will indemnify NAPTG or their agents against loss, damage or injury sustained to yourself onsite or offsite anywhere else in Dubai throughout the duration of your stay.


Please Note : ALL Deposits are Non refundable unless Covid related through your insurance company.


Holiday Cancellation Insurance is not included in the price of the holiday and NAPTG strongly recommend you take out annual travel insurance to cover your costs should you have to cancel your booking. You should have holiday insurance in place when you booked this event or immedaitely after.

Please Note : if a member (or members) of your party drops out of your accommodation, the accommodation costs go up, per person. The person who drops out will lose all deposits if they are cancelling the booking with our agents and the remaining member/s of the party in the accommodation will be responsible to pay these updated accommodation costs in full. If the payments are not received before the specified time, our agents reserves the right to cancel the booking, and all deposits and payments for that accommodation will be lost.

Under 10 weeks prior to travel, no refunds can be made. You will need to claim from your Holiday Travel Insurance. If full payment for your booking by all of your party has not been received by the final due date in your email our agents reserves the right to cancel your booking, and your deposits and full payment will be lost.

You hereby acknowledge and agree with the above Terms & Conditions By placing a deposit and paying in full for NAPTG group trip to Dubai departing August 2022

Suggested Holiday Travel Insurers:

Also, check with your bank because some banks offer Covid-related travel insurance like HSBC and Barclays Bank,

For further information please do not hesitate to call

0208 123 1262 | 07944 023 493

or email